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Ideal Recycling

Ideal Recycling Limited is established as one of the leading recycling companies in the country. Based in Manchester, we’re perfectly positioned to serve not just the North West of England, but the whole of the UK. Our head office is located in Lancashire and we also have our own site.

We have been trading and recycling plastic scrap and paper scrap for over 12 years and operate one of the largest independent waste management and plastic and paper recycling facilities across the country by offering a very competitive pricing structure as well as a first class service and prompt payments.

Many of our customers are recycling centres, manufacturers, and Waste Management providers. We buy a whole range of scrap and recyclable plastic material. This includes LDPE, HDPE, PP, uPVC, HIPS, PC, PET etc in every form.

We have the expertise required to recycle large quantities of recyclable materials including papers, cardboard & plastics. We can help increase the recycling rates of the companies’ waste materials & maximise potential cost savings from effective segregation and recycling.

Our main aim is to provide an efficient and reliable service to all our customers and improve our environment by recycling and reusing.

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